Grozenski Family to the Dominican Republic

Grozenski Family to the Dominican Republic

The Lord has been extremely busy working in the lives of our family; it's difficult to know where to start. Since the beginning of this year, God has literally shown His presence and grace in every passing month. We are immeasurably grateful and in awe of His faithfulness and timely display of love toward each one of us.

In February, all five of us traveled to Mission Training International (MTI) in Colorado Springs for required pre-field training.We were very excited but didn't know what to expect. The first two weeks concentrated on language acquisition; learning how to listen and learn a new language. We were exposed to various comprehension-based techniques, introduced to LAPs (Language Acquisition Projects) and GLUE (Get, Learn, Use, Evaluate/Envision), and also learned to utilize Spanish phonology. The latter two weeks focused on culture adaptation, conflict resolution, stress management, values awareness, and anticipated effects during transition. We also benefited and grew spiritually through personal coaching and the small cell groups each of us participated in. This intense time spent at MTI was certainly an unique opportunity for each of us to receive individual instruction, encouragement, and preparation for full-time cross-cultural ministry. We felt emotionally uplifted by the staff at MTI, fellowship and unity with the other participants, and affirmed by God in His vision for us to serve Him in the Dominican Republic.

Although we continue to make progress toward our journey and commitment to serving with Students International ( in the Dominican Republic, we are still in need of financial support. This is our biggest challenge. As a huge leap of faith, we have both decided to not renew our contracts for employment for the upcoming 2016/2017 school year. This is in anticipation of being fully funded and on the field by this summer. Thereby, in these next few months, we are seeking opportunities to meet with those of you who have interest in joining our ministry. We are confident in God's provision and timing. Please unite with us in prayer and support.

Prayer Requests and Praises

  • Pray for our family after the recent loss of Twyla's younger brother Ryan. It still brings such sadness to our hearts.
  • Pray for Tyler who is finishing up middle school at Heritage Christian School and will prepare to encounter high school at Doulos Discovery School in the Dominican Republic.
  • Pray for our fundraising efforts to be productive and fruitful. This is our last hurdle. It has been very difficult for us to find balance with our family, current job/ministry responsibilities, and our future endeavors.
  • Pray for Dan's mom, Kay, as she discovers her independence when our family departs. Our desire is for her to embrace the local church community and realize God's comfort in His presence. 
  • Praise for the support of so many amazing donors. We are so thankful for your generous sacrifice.
  • Praise the blessed Easter season. Give glory and honor to our God for the hope He provides through the resurrected life of His son, Jesus.

The Grozenski Family