We, as a family, are on the brink of an incredible life change.

We, as a family, are on the brink of an incredible life change.

We, as a family, are on the brink of an incredible life change. Many of you have followed our journey since the beginning. Others, have just recently been introduced. Nonetheless, we are humbled and overjoyed by your partnership with us. We continue to move forward pursuing our desire to minister full-time, cross-culturally in the Dominican Republic with Students International. The magnitude of this decision to follow God's path for our family has become quite apparent and approaches reality with each passing day. 

Recently, we have experienced a number of significant changes within each of our lives. As of June 30th, Dan has officially completed his contract with Heritage Christian School. He is now focusing on the preparations necessary for the family's transition to a new country, culture, language, and lifestyle. Twyla has submitted her resignation to Little Shepherd's Learning Center effective the end of July, concluding eleven years of teaching. Tyler has graduated middle school and is now preparing for entrance exams to attend high school at Doulos Discovery School in Jarabacoa. Levi and Luke will enjoy their final few weeks in the summer program at their preschool. We can look back with certainty and acknowledge the sovereignty of God by the impact of the relationships, instruction, encouragement, and compassion each of the aforementioned ministries have had upon our family. We are eternally grateful.

As the time of our anticipated departure in mid-August nears, it is critical we acquire our monthly support amount now. Currently, we estimate 80% of our goal has been achieved. To this end, we invite and encourage you to pray and petition our Heavenly Father to reveal your role in this opportunity of ministry, benevolence, and compassion affecting the spiritual eternity of men, women and young children in the Dominican Republic. Specifically, we are seeking committed monthly donors. Our day to day ability to represent our Savior through expressing the truth of the Gospel is contingent upon fervent prayer and enduring financial support. Sponsorship ($250, $100, $50, $25/month, etc.) is whatever amount the Lord impresses upon your heart. One-time donations are certainly appreciated with equal gratitude. However, at this stage, our focus is to solidify recurring contributions permitting us to depart next month. It is our belief the collaborative effort of many will undoubtedly accomplish this goal.

Come and Join Us!

We have planned a fundraiser event for Friday, July 29th, 6pm-9pm. It will be a time to learn more, ask questions, and make a commitment to unite with us in ministry. Please, if you are interested in attending, contact us immediately at grozenski@goglobalwithus5.com. It will be a night of food, fellowship, and fun.

The pictures displayed above are a testament to our faithful sponsors. We are so blessed by your generosity. Our desire is to celebrate and share with you how amazing the Lord has been in preparing our path. To date, because of contributions beginning in June of last year, we have paid the entirety of our past training and travel expenses, as well as made purchases relative to the upcoming life which awaits us in the Dominican Republic. Praise and glory be to our God!

Shown is the actual four-bedroom rental house we will establish our new life in. Along with securing this home, our accrued finances enabled us to purchase all the accompanying furnishings offered to us by the previous residents; a missionary family with Students International who recently returned home to the United States. Additionally, we have also been able to purchase their vehicle! (similar to that pictured above). God's provision is abundant through the consistent prayers, gifts, and financial commitments of steadfast partners and relationships. We are also uniquely positioned to initiate our ministry without any debt to our agency, rather instead with a current positive balance. Our circumstance is not typical of most transitions. We thank each of you for the privilege you've given us to answer our calling and to serve the King by loving the lost, sharing His restoration, and proclaiming His salvation to the people of the Dominican Republic. 

Prayer Requests and Praises

  • Pray for the entire family as we close very familiar/comfortable chapters of our lives expanding into a new community, culture, language, and lifestyle. (Transition)
  • Pray for our family and friends regarding our impending departure. We desire to stay connected as the body of Christ, despite our physical absence. (Goodbye's)
  • Specifically, pray for Tyler as he prepares to attend a new school and develop long-standing friendships, all while in transition. We hope Tyler will continue to grow spiritually by expanding his worldview and encountering the Lord's manifest presence through missions.
  • Pray for partnerships and sponsors to be moved by the Spirit to provide the remaining funds necessary, enabling us to depart in mid-August. This would alleviate hardships relative to our time remaining in transition both here and abroad.
  • Praise the Lord for His absolute sovereignty to orchestrate, grant provision, and sustain this entire journey through the deeds of faithful donors who have sacrificially given to lay the foundation of our discipleship ministry. We are truly humbled to be so chosen to participate in His plan as ambassadors to the Dominican Republic.

The Grozenski Family